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Solving Tornadoes or Thunderbolts Forum

The Real Reason Moist Air Reduces Aerodynamic Lift

What You Never Suspected About Water in the Atmosphere

Moist Air Convection Myth

Accounting For Lorenz’s Missing Lubrication in the Atmospher

What Drives The Jet Streams?

Why Do Jet Streams Exist?

Isaac Newton was a human being

Did you hear the one about the guy that goes to buy a suit?

It's Not What You Know That Will Hurt You . . .
Broken link: ... =8&t=16318

How do tornadoes form? By Skip Talbot (storm chaser) ... 10&t=17415

We all grow up believing that the moisture in clear air is gaseous ... 10&t=16471

Vortices are the Pressure Relief Valves of the Atmosphere

What You Don't get about science and truth ... 10&t=17161

Why Meteorology (Storm Theory) is a Cargo Cult Science ... 10&t=16613

Pecos Hank: SCIENCE INSIDE A TORNADO - Decoding the EF5 ... 10&t=16901

Millions of Tons of Water Suspended Kilometres Above ... 10&t=16597

Concerning the drying of wet shoes. ... 10&t=16647

Disputing The Existence of 'Cold Steam' in the Atmosphere ... 10&t=16851

Why Are Storms Wet? ... 10&t=16841

Simple Refutation of the Convection Model of Storm Theory
Walking in Water
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