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Solving Tornadoes or Thunderbolts Forum

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Isaac Newton was a human being ... =8&t=16306

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It's Not What You Know That Will Hurt You . . . ... =8&t=16318

How do tornadoes form? By Skip Talbot (storm chaser) ... 10&t=17415

We all grow up believing that the moisture in clear air is gaseous ... 10&t=16471

Vortices are the Pressure Relief Valves of the Atmosphere ... 10&t=17125

How do you Debate a Greenhouse Gas Theory ‘Expert’? ... 10&t=17169

What You Don't get about science and truth ... 10&t=17161

Why Meteorology (Storm Theory) is a Cargo Cult Science ... 10&t=16613

Pecos Hank: SCIENCE INSIDE A TORNADO - Decoding the EF5 ... 10&t=16901

Millions of Tons of Water Suspended Kilometres Above ... 10&t=16597

Concerning the drying of wet shoes. ... 10&t=16647

Disputing The Existence of 'Cold Steam' in the Atmosphere ... 10&t=16851

Why Are Storms Wet? ... 10&t=16841

Simple Refutation of the Convection Model of Storm Theory ... 10&t=16661
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